Ellysa Stern Cahoy: Co-Primary Investigator

Ellysa Stern Cahoy

Co-Primary Investigator, alongside Dr. Scott McDonald.
As Co-Primary Investigator, Ellysa directs the project research, supervises all grant employees, and oversees and participates in the analysis and dissemination of our research results.

Now and Later: Digital Archiving
While we are currently in the honeymoon period, where it is the dawn of technology with new inventions popping up everyday, Ellysa foresees an eventual catastrophic loss of information in our society’s future. This loss could take a variety of forms but will most likely be major, like Google disappearing. At that moment, we’ll all wake up and finally realize that we placed too much trust in saving our information online. On a more positive note, she predicts that such a loss will force us to reassess, and then develop comprehensive strategies for saving information and improving information’s life span.

Survivor: Technology We Can’t Live Without
Ellysa’s iPhone is the most central component to her workflow because of its versatility. Anything she can access on her regular computer, she can access on her iPhone, such as documents on GoogleDrive and DropBox. Because Ellysa can do countless tasks from her iPhone, she can employ it in both the work and play realms, answering library patrons’ reference questions at one point in the day and reading for pleasure at another. The key to the iPhone is that it gathers all of her information in one place, which aids organization.


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