Scott McDonald: Co-Primary Investigator


Scott McDonald

 Co-Primary Investigator, alongside Ellysa Stern Cahoy
As Co-Primary Investigator, Scott was involved with the conceptualization of the project, and he will work on data analysis and the writing up of research results upon his return from a sabbatical.

Now and Later: Digital Archiving
Scott believes that we currently don’t have a very systematic way to archive, especially when it comes to academics and intellectuals. Navigating the continually changing technologies is a lot like navigating the Wild Wild West. Ultimately, we as a society don’t completely know what we’re doing, and it could result in major consequences. Scott argues that this is why it is important to engage in this project, since we are trying to figure out how to support a transition to archiving systematically.

Survivor: Technology We Can’t Live Without
The pieces of technology that Scott deems most important to his own life essentially help facilitate the various components of his workflow, including the intake, organization, and output. Sente, a bibliographic software, plays a major role in his intake, enabling him to organize the research he gathers. Likewise, he finds out about new research from GoogleReader, allowing him to digest and read other peoples’ work. He then uses the note taking application Notational Velocity for his preliminary notes.  A word processor application, such as Microsoft Word or Pages, is an important tool for the output portion. Thus, different pieces of technology are central to different aspects of Scott’s workflow, all working together to create an efficient and systematic workflow.

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