Smiljana Antonijevic: Research Anthropologist


Smiljana Antonijevic

Research Anthropologist
As the research anthropologist working on the project, Smiljana comes with the various methodologies, such as developing questions for interviews, creating consent forms, and developing and working with focus groups. Additionally, she conducts the faculty interviews, analyzes the data, presents findings at conferences, and writes papers about the results.

Now and Later: Digital Archiving
Smiljana sees archiving currently expanding into different parts of society. Before you had to be a really important person or have extremely important work in order to get archived, but now everyone has the opportunity to digitally archive their work. In this sense, broadening the base of what is getting archived results in the democratization of the entire field of archiving. We are now able to capture more details of everyday life, which is really intriguing to Smiljana, especially in her role as an anthropologist.

Survivor: Technology We Can’t Live Without
Because DropBox has so many different functions, such as storing and sharing, Smiljana finds that it is the most crucial piece of technology to her workflow. DropBox is important because she travels frequently for work, alternating between living in Chicago, Illinois; State College, Pennsylvania; and Denmark. When she is in between places and works from different spaces, it is important to have a tool where she can share information with herself and with others.

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