Dawn Childress: Humanities Librarian

Dawn Childress

Humanities Librarian
Dawn’s work is focused on examining how academics in the humanities manage their data. She distributed surveys to departments in The College of Liberal Arts and participated in the interview process. She is analyzing data from the humanist participants and comparing it to data from science, math, and other areas.

Now and Later: Digital Archiving
Dawn sees digital archiving as a crucial component in preserving a historical record, which will be important for future generations. Additionally, the way in which digital archives are constructed aids utility and the ability to conduct meta-analyses. In academia, more and more of our work is in the digital realm.

Survivor: Technology We Can’t Live Without
Portability and accessibility of documentation is important to Dawn, which is why her laptop is her favorite piece of technology. Dawn works on consultations with library patrons, academics, and students in many different areas, and the MacBook Air’s lightness and portability allows her to demonstrate new technologies in all locations. She uses her laptop for everything, including instruction, communication, and research.

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