Patricia Hswe: Digital Content Strategist


Patricia Hswe

Digital Content Strategist and Head ScholarSphere User Services
Patricia consults on data curation and management. She reviewed reports and survey results, as well as reviewed presentations given related to the project.

Now and Later: Digital Archiving
Patricia feels that digital archiving may not currently be playing as prominent of a role in society as it should be. She thinks it is necessary for digital archiving to take on a central role because so much of our cultural heritage is tied up in it. Patricia is optimistic and predicts that in the future people will begin to see the significance of archiving and will grasp the benefits of it. In the future, she hopes that a uniform infrastructure could be created to take archiving to a national level and a larger scale.

Survivor: Technology We Can’t Live Without
Patricia’s laptop has a prominent place in her workflow because of its versatility. Patricia’s duties include overseeing repository services and overseeing online digital collections, and thus email plays such a central part of communication in her role. She sees the laptop as enabling her to be a producer, whereas she envisions the iPad and iPhone as falling more on the consumer end of the technology continuum.


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