Karla Schmit: Education and Behavioral Sciences Librarian


Karla Schmit

Education and Behavioral Sciences Librarian and Assistant Director of Pennsylvania Center for the Book

Karla is a Core Faculty member for this grant project, and she hopes to do further study on the data that is gathered. She is interested in how technology can play a role in instruction. She also would like to learn more about how faculty archive and collect their information, as well as how librarians can assist them in that process.

Now and Later: Digital Archiving 

Karla argues that digital archiving is important because it tells a history of research and work for a faculty member and also tells a history of time. She views digital archiving as allowing us to have an historical record, which is helpful because if you know what happened in your past, it will help you in your future. Karla cannot begin to fathom what digital archiving will be like in the future, but she predicts that the way we work will continue to change, most likely growing more efficient but consisting of even less face-to-face interactions.

Survivor: Technology We Can’t Live Without

Karla’s computer plays a central role in her workflow, particularly in terms of writing papers and articles, as well as crafting longer responses to emails. However, she has begun to use her iPhone more for her job, such as answering reference questions, because she likes the instantaneousness of it.

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