Presenting at the Personal Digital Archiving conference, April 26, 2015, New York, NY


Integrating Self-Archiving and Discovery into the User’s Workflow: The Zotero / ScholarSphere Project

This poster / demo centers on an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant of $440,000 to the Penn State University Libraries.  We will detail the planned trajectory of the 2014-2016 project, designed in collaboration with George Mason University and Zotero, which builds upon prior Penn State Mellon-funded research studying how faculty managed and archived their scholarly information collections. During 2014-16, the research team will direct software development centered on Zotero, an open source citation manager. The new software will enhance Zotero’s archiving capabilities by linking to ScholarSphere, Penn State’s Hydra-based institutional repository service. This will allow Penn State users to claim and deposit self-authored works securely into ScholarSphere via Zotero. The software developed in this project will allow other colleges and universities with similar Hydra-based institutional repositories to implement a Zotero deposit connection. The poster / demo will showcase the current enhancements to Zotero, and will also provide information for conference participants interested in making these optimizations available to their local Zotero / Hydra-based institutional repository users.


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