About The Project

What is the Scholarly Workflow Project?

Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this project is dedicated to exploring the specifics of and anticipated needs regarding the information workflow of disciplinary faculty, and on faculty needs regarding the acquisition of digital literacies essential to effective research management, robust scholarly creation, and continued navigation of the archiving process.

The first phase of the project (2012-13) explored the scholarly workflow of the Penn State faculty across the sciences, humanities, and social sciences, focusing on the integration of digital technologies at all stages of a research lifecycle—from collecting and analyzing data, over managing and storing research materials, to writing up and sharing research findings.

The current phase of the study (2014-2016) centers on developing a digital research tool for humanities scholarship using Zotero as a test platform, in collaboration with George Mason University. Based on the results of the first phase of our study, we will focus on unifying several phases of the research workflow, and facilitating elements such as better integration of finding and archiving into the scholar’s online path.  Specifically, we aim to connect Zotero with Penn State’s Hydra-based institutional repository, ScholarSphere.  Penn State Zotero users will be able to claim their publications and then seamlessly login and store copies within ScholarSphere.  This project aims to place self-archiving within a tool that already has good traction within the Humanities (Zotero), and increase the visibility of an institutional repository within the workflow of digital scholars.

View the project proposal here. (PDF)

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